Together for Revival

Let there be Life!

A Passionate Love for the Word

My love and passion for the pure, unadulterated word of God have motivated me to start this foundation.

The message of Jesus Christ saves, heals, and restores lives. Rhema Foundation provides consistent resources for those who bring this message to people.

Political, economical, and social upheavals are a sign of our times. Natural disasters and epidemics cause many to live in fear and worry. Millions are striving to secure their existence surrounded by threatening events.

A fervent commitment to providing the resources needed to clear the way for the saving, powerful word of God is needed more than ever.

Rhema Foundation supports churches and ministries who join in the network “Together for Revival” in their efforts to reach this goal.

More than anything, I desire to witness the word of God in saving action. As I see the rich resources for helping it to work, I am filled with hope and gladness.

Unfortunately, international Christian ministries have grown disappointed, given up on their hope for a German-European revival and shifted their focus to other nations. Nevertheless, I believe that Germany still holds a special place in the heart of God. Every investment into this network for revival will bear rich fruit.


S. Wagner
Founder and Board Member 

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