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Rhema Foundation Statute Excerpt

Purpose of the Foundation

  1. The purpose of the foundation is:
    1. The proclamation and spreading of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as recorded in the New Testament, with all available means and media.
    2. To offer support to the needy, homeless, and those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, who are willing to let the word of God change their lives.
    3. To promote international and cross-cultural understanding, international relations and tolerance in all aspects of culture.
  2. This purpose is achieved by funding non-profit, independent Christian churches, particularly by raising funds for the benefit of Christliches Centrum Rhema e.V. for its statutory use and by the promotion of the German-Israeli relations by providing information to increase awareness concerning the people and the state of Israel to the public via all suitable media. The foundation may also perform other measures compliant with and contributing to the purpose of the foundation.
  3. The Foundation pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes as defined by the Tax Code. The Foundation is non-profit and does not pursue any commercial purposes. The foundation’s funds may only be used for statutory purposes. No person may benefit from expenses that are foreign to the purpose of the foundation or by disproportionately high remuneration.
  4. The Foundation fulfills its purpose from the assets of the foundation and from contributions of third parties intended to facilitate the fulfilling of the foundations’s purpose.
  5. The beneficiaries of the Foundation shall have no legal entitlement to benefits from the foundation’s assets.

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