Together for Revival

Let there be Life!

A Passionate Love for Israel

I would like to thank you for your support and your encouragement for our work. It really touches my heart so much to see, how God uses this foundation to send out his word into the world to accomplish what it was sent for.

An independent expert team found out, that latent anti-Semitic attitudes and thought patterns that are not expressed in criminal acts, are evident and considerably rooted in the minds of the Germans, even up to “the center of society”.

Scientists and experts* state, that approximately 20 percent of the population show this latent anti-Semitism. When I see that Israel’s right to exists and to live is challenged and is impaired through murders and attacks within and outside of Israel again and again, it is important for me to raise my voice and – out of a heartfelt love – stand up for these individuals and the people of Israel.

It’s up to us to act and to take a stand. It’s up to us, to foster the love for the people of Israel.

Thank you for getting actively involved in this vision.


S. Wagner
Founder and Board Member

* compare results of the first anti-Semitism Report (17/7700), issued by an independent expert team by order of the German Bundestag and presented by Prof. Dr. Peter Longerich, University of London and Dr. Juliane Wetzel, Technical University Berlin on January 23, 2012 in Berlin.