Together for Revival

Let there be Life!

The Current Situation

Germany – a Christian Nation?

The title is not deserved. Instead of life and revival, death and lifeless religion have shaped this country.

None of the great revivals started in Germany. Following Jesus without compromise? Not here, please. A passion for the word of God? That’s enough to get you on the black list.

Even though the law grants every German religious freedom, it is very hard to live in it. The walls of tradition and lifeless, man-made religion stand strong.

But this nation longs for change! Germans want to breathe again! But how could this change happen without the powerful word of God and his Spirit, working together and breathing life? Without the truth and the Spirit of truth, there can be no revival.

Unfortunately, the German church is far from being bold enough to tear down the walls of control. She is shackled by tradition and religious confusion.

This seems to be the greatest obstacle to revival in this country. A church petrified by lifeless religion and tradition has no resources to bring life. This God-given life is what Germany needs to experience a positive effect – politically, economically and socially.

Instead, the so-called Christian Nation lingers in envy, hatred, bitterness, betrayal and corruption, on the road to self destruction.

Many have given up their optimism and abandoned their fresh ideas. Disappointment has taken over.

In spite of the obvious obstacles, a network has formed. This network supports all who are determined to proclaim the restoring message of Jesus Christ in demonstration of the Spirit and of power – beyond the walls! We have united in our goal:

Germany shall be reconciled to God!



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