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Let there be Life!

Rhema Christian Center

Since its foundation 17 years ago, Rhema Christian Center, headed by Katharine Siegling, has been a dynamic and independent pioneer ministry.

Inspirational and revelatory, it influences the Christian scene with its Holy Spirit-born ideas. The vibrant and Holy Spirit inspired church life reflects its inherent dynamic.

The word of God, both the old and the new testament, is the foundation of this ministry. The Greek word “Rhema” describes the specific word of God, unlocked to our understanding by the Holy Spirit.

Countless lives have been transformed and improved by the ministry of Rhema Christian Center. Hundreds of people have given their lives to Jesus Christ and have been born again. They can not stop to tell what they have heard, seen and experienced here and have become multiplicators of the word of God allover the world.

The powerful video messages and online sermons reach thousands of people. Tune in and let these messages save, change and heal you, too!

Learn more about Rhema Christian Center here.

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