Together for Revival

Let there be Life!

Dear friends and Partners for Revival,

while some Arab countries experience their own political spring, Germany, along with all of Europe, lingers in a dry and thirsty condition (see Psalm 63).

Oppressed and obstructed by religious tradition and clerical precepts, people are finding it hard to breathe. The very preachers who are supposed to administer the word in truth and power have budged to the pressure exerted by religious institutions and alliances instead of  faithfully answering God’s commission. They have betrayed God and the bible.

But there is still hope! There are still ministry gifts who have enough backbone and power to preach the word. Those who love the Holy Spirit and everything he does. Those who pursue a vision for revival in Germany, Europe and beyond.

Rhema Foundation is dedicated to supporting such people.

We support those who will give the word of God to the hungry and thirsty without selling the truth. Those who do not limit the word of God, because they know that the word is limitless.

The word of God shall spread throughout Germany and prevail. Germany shall flourish – in the glory of the Lord.

Become an active part of this vision!

Together for revival – together for the word – together for the glory.


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